Thursday, March 20, 2014

Black Hole


Seriously. Where is all our stuff?

I don't understand how a tiny, tiny apartment can just suck things into the walls... or the floor... or make them spontaneously disintegrate into their constituent atoms.

On the missing list so far:

An angel doll
A stuffed poodle
A sippy cup
My spouse ID card that is absolutely necessary
 for doing things around campus

A St. Rose of Lima doll narrowly escaped the fate of these other objects by being whisked away just before she could be eaten by the radiator.

St. Anthony has been no help so far. So whom do I go to next?
St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes?

Saint Jude clearly doesn't have time for this nonsense

Or perhaps St. Dominic, whom Google has just informed me is the patron saint of astronomers? (black holes...get it?)

I'm going crazy and cannot imagine where these things have ended up.

Do you ever lose groups of things at a time? Where on earth (or in heaven?) do you find them?