Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thank You, Sis!


No long post today; I battled a migraine this afternoon and even though I'm feeling much better, I still have those annoying little residual "tingles" that come afterwards.

Just wanted to share two things:

1) My little sister is awesome
2) So is thredUP

As if having a migraine weren't bad enough, I spent the day traipsing around the mall and came home totally empty-handed.  I was looking for a dress and everything I found was either too expensive, too short, too casual or too busty for me.  Talk about a frustrating day! I messaged my sister and told her she needed to move to New England pronto so that she could go shopping with me.  I suffer from shopping paralysis sometimes and this was evidently one of those all-too-frequent days.

But thanks to her suggestion, I snagged this Banana Republic Dress from thredUP for less than $20! SCORE. I never shop there because it's always out of my price range.

Banana Republic

If you've never used thredUP, I suggest you check them out. But before you buy anything, write to me so that I can invite you and then you'll save $10 on your first purchase (thanks, again, sis!).

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