Friday, March 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Dolls!


I am addicted to making these little dolls now. Seriously. I can't stop. And I don't want to. So for my quick takes, here's a pictorial for your busy Friday:

1. Attempt number one: the angel duo next to attempt number two: The Archangel Gabriel

2. St. Rose of Lima

3. Saint Lucy
This was the first one I embroidered the face for, since she had the whole "no eyes" thing going on (my husband's great idea-- thanks honey!)

 4. Saint Brigid of Ireland

5. Empress Saint Helena, finder of the True Cross

6. Saint Maximilian Kolbe

7. Saint Mary Magdalene 

What's with the egg?

I'm thinking about making a few to sell for Easter.
Is this a good idea or am I just feeding an addiction? 

Now go to Conversion Diary and check out the other Quick Takes! As always, a BIG "thank you!" to Jen for hosting!


  1. As i said before, yes!! They are freaking adorable!! Has brita seen these? She loves these kinds of dolls... not to mention our affinity for felt. I will msg her the link.

  2. Also, I would obviously like to purchase one of those St. Maximilian dolls & St. Gerard if you can manage it.

  3. Ah, these are adorable! LOVE your Lucy and Brigid especially :D

  4. I was trying to decide which was the best and then I saw Maximilian Kolbe - he's amazing!

  5. I love the roses on St. Rose of Lima's head! These are adorable!

  6. I think they are adorable. I would love to make these for my grandchildren. Would you consider making a pattern and selling it? I think there is a big Catholic audience for these if you market them.